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      Kathryn Reynolds photography has received numerous awards across the United States, as well as internationally. Reynolds honors have included, receiving awards at the prestigious 'Lucie Awards', 'The International Photography Associations' Annual Photography Competition.[1] awards from Serbin Communications, 'Best of Photography Competition', as well as being named the 'Amateur Advertising Photographer of the Year', in 2004, by The National Photography Association. Her photographs have been exhibited in galleries worldwide and her limited edition prints[6] are sought after by collectors.

          Like a Native warrior on a vision quest, she delves into the darkest shadows of her soul. Peering face to face with fear, sense of belonging, the desire to be loved unconditionally and the haunting demons from our past. 
         Reynolds tells the story’s of life, unfolding like, Journals through the labyrinth of her soul, breaking down the protective walls to give the viewer an authentic glimpse into her inner vulnerability.
        Not just another ‘pretty face’, Reynolds is the real deal, an artist to the core she’s walked through life’s valleys and seen the view from the top. 
          Kathryn Reynolds was born in Winston Salem, NC the daughter of a visual artist with Cherokee Indian Heritage and the American motorcycle legend, Zachary Taylor Reynolds.          Reynolds grew up on working on their family farm in the mountains of NC, Reynolds states, her upbringing was a muddled mix of blue collar farm living and front page tabloid fame. Being the grand-daughter of playboy heir, Richard Joshua (Dick) Reynolds and great-granddaughter of Richard Joshua Reynolds, founder of R.J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.

        “My life has been a disorienting place clouded by other peoples’ assumptions of; wealth, the life I have led, and who I am.”    
       However, Reynolds remembers her feelings of loss from a very early age, as one of her first memories included her learning of her father’s untimely death, in a private plane crash, being brought courtesy of the headline ‘news brief’ on the evening news.
         “I was born into the spotlight where the public knew my family name. My family history, and my fathers fame, was constantly plastered across front page tabloids, in turn the publics preconceived notions after his death, haunted me. It’s like a having a stage persona, where the image is never ‘reality’. Growing up  in the shadow of a legend, Unfamiliar faces recognize you they know your first name and, of course, they all have a story that they want to stop and tell me.” Reynolds goes on to say,
  “My father was a man who wanted to do his own thing and he did that very well, but business was not his strong suit and he left my mother and I in a bad place  after his death. Thirty years later, my father’s estate is still not closed, so needless to say, that ‘Reynolds wealth’ was something I never knew. Heck we  didn’t even have a telephone growing up”. In her original song, ‘I’m just country’, Reynolds states,   “We grew our own food and lived off the land, only headed to town when there was no sugar on hand”. 
 "As a kid our TV. only picked up two channels, so in the afternoons when we would, listen to a lot of classic country and bluegrass music, and in the summers we would  always host bands and have wagon train’ horse rides at our land.  Those were really good times and I always knew music would be a very important part of my life.”  
        In high school Reynolds discovered her love for storytelling and received numerous awards for her creative writing, poetry and photographic essays. She has written numerous technical essays, scripts for television and radio, as well as, acting in television commercials, doing voice over work, and hosting her own television show. 'Teen Life Speaks', where Reynolds interviewed high-profile political people, and persons 'of note' in the community. 'Teen Life Speaks' was a featured weekly on PBS television in North Carolina. Reynolds carried her literary talent into the poetic world, where her iambic pentameter poems, were published in national poetry anthology.
          During this time Reynolds was also discovered by a modeling agency which allowed her the opportunity to see the world.  “Being a fashion model allowed me to travel and experience the world. Thru the agency, I was blessed to be able to live in various places including Asia.I loved living in Hong Kong, and Seoul Korea. Experiencing other cultures, and way of life, gives you a different perspective on life and traveling at a young age forces you to mature tremendously”.  In spite of Reynolds busy schedule, she was always an academic scholar, and received an academic, as well as an equestrian scholarship, to go to college at the University of Georgia, where she Reynolds majored in English Literature and Theological studies.  
          After college she decided she wanted to take some time off the travel Reynolds traveled the US in a VW bus, spent her time for various Christian mission trips outside of the country, backpacked for 35 days across the Olympic Peninsula hiking over 150 miles. One night while caught in a blizzard on top of Mt. Rainer, that as she had the realization,  “men climb mountain’s to conquer themselves, not the mountain”, The next day she packed up and hiked back into the town.  
          Reynolds continued her education at, Berklee College of Music, in Boston Mass where she majored in Songwriting and music business.  

Reynolds currently travels worldwide with her musical and photographic endeavors.   
       Reynolds is also the band manager, background vocalist, and bass-guitar player, for the singer-songwriter, Doc McCrae, of The Doc McCrae Band. 

Kathryn Reynolds Music Website:      http://www.theartistkathrynreynolds.com

  •         AWARDS​

  • 11/7/2009 - Feature in 'Go Triad' magazine
  • Featured in the 'Meet the Artist Section' of the Greensboro News and Records, 'Go Triad' Magazine. 

  • 12/19/2009 - Featured in 'Winston Salem Journal'.
  • Full page interview and article discussing Reynolds fine art photo series, 'Zach: The Father I Never Knew'.

  • 4/1/2009 - Cover Model and Feature in 'Forsyth Woman'.

  • 2/4/2008 - Finalist in Photographers Forum Magazine Photography Contest.
  • Finalist in Photographers Forum Magazine Annual Photography Contest. 

  • 8/15/2008 - 2008 IPA International Photography Awards
  • Multiple Honorable Mentions in the 2008, IPA International Photography Awards. 

  • 9/9/2006 - International Photo Awards IPA
  • Reynolds wins 16 Honorable mentions, in various categories, in the prestigious and highly acclaimed 'International Photography Awards Competition', and 'Lucie Awards'. The competition is a world wide photography contest and with over 30,000 entries annually. 'The Lucie Awards', are the 'Oscar's' of the Photographic world. 

  • 3/2/2006 - National Photo Awards
  • Kathryn wins two 'Awards of Excellence' and an 'Award of Merit' from the National Photo Awards for 2005. 

  • 2/9/2005 - National Photography Competition
  • Kathryn is 'Advertising Photographer of the Year', for 2004. She was the Overall winner of 'Advertising' category, with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place wins, she also recieved four 'Awards of Excellence', in the advertising category.
  • She recieved two Second place wins, in the 'Animal' and 'Miscellaneous' categories, with the photograph entitled, 'Mantis Project', (a macro, 4x5 shot of three baby praying Mantis on a blade of grass).
  • In total, Reynolds recieved nine awards of excellence in various categories: one 3rd place win, three 2nd place wins, one 1st place win, and was awarded the Overall 'Advertising Photographer of the Year' and recieved an Overall 'Award of Merit'.

  • 8/7/2004 - Finalist in North American Photography Contest.
  • Kathryn is a finalist in the 'Photographers Forum Magazine' 'Best of Photography' annual. Published in 2004 Hardback, 'Best of Photography' annual.

  • 11/4/2004 - 2004 International Photography Awards -IPA
  • Reynolds recieves an Honorable Mention in the IPA International Photography Competition.

  • 7/15/2004 - Article in The Courier Tribune.
  • A write up on Kathryn's photography highlights the Lifestyles section of the newspaper.

  • 6/28/2004 - Awards in Randolph County photo contest.
  • Kathryn's photo 'Native' wins second place in the Randolph county photography contest in the 'People' division.
  • Native is a photograph of Walter Moose a stonemason and model whos grandfather was a full Native American.
  • Kathryn's photo 'Traveling School bus' also wins second place in the 'Places' division.

  • 6/3/2004 - Finalist in International Photography Contest.
  • athryn Reynolds a finalist in the, "Photographers Forum Magazine" 'Best of College Photography 2004' Contest.
  • Published in 'Best of College Photography' Hardcover Annual.

  • 9/2/2002 - Reynolds' Poetry published
  • Kathryn's poem ' I just blinked and...' is published in, 'In Other Words', an American Poetry anthology.

  • 11/7/2001 - Work on exhibit.
  • Kathryns photography is exibited in gallerys thoughout southeast.pe your paragraph here.

        Reynolds work uses symbols, often in juxtaposition, to explore beauty, archetypes, paradox, the cycles of life, death, and rebirth.[7] She believes we are all on a journey to discover who we are, our deep roots of soul and spirt, as well as what destiny holds for us. Her personal quest for self-exploration, and a deeper understanding of the human condition, is a driving force in her ethereal work.[8] Reynolds fine art photographs have become synonymous with her technical expertise, deep knowledge of the use of visual symbols, and her obsessive attention to the smallest detail.
       Reynolds does all of her photographic styling and production, something quite unusual for most photographers. Kathryn Reynolds often appears as the subject in her photographs, using herself as the model,[9] and avatar, to the greater message she is relaying in her artwork.[10] Likened to Cindy Sherman, Reynolds is also a master of changing her image to relay the deeper story, and message, to the viewer. She has also compared herself to Harper Lee on at least one occasion.

       Reynolds educational background in, not only photography, but English literature and religious studies, has allowed her to execute complicated photographic tableaux filled with symbolic imagery. Critics such as, the American photographer, Joyce Tenneson, have said, "Reynolds work echoes the poetics of William Blake and Emily Dickinson".
        In addition to her fine art photography, Reynolds has also proven herself in the literary community. She has written numerous technical essays, scripts for television and radio, as well as, acting in television commercials, doing voice over work, and hosting her own television show. 'Teen Life Speaks', where Reynolds interviewed high-profile political people, and persons 'of note' in the community. 'Teen Life Speaks' was a featured weekly on PBS television in North Carolina. Reynolds carried this talent into the poetic world, where her iambic pentameter poems, were published in national poetry anthologies.

Family history
         Kathryn Taylor Reynolds was born in Winston-Salem, NC. She is the daughter of the American motorcycle legend, Zachary Taylor Reynolds, granddaughter of playboy heir, Richard Joshua (Dick) Reynolds II, and great-granddaughter of R. J. Reynolds, founder of the R. J. Reynolds Tobacco Company.[19][20] Kathryn is also the grand-niece, of the first transcontinental pilot and aviation innovator, Zachary Smith Reynolds. 'Smith' Reynolds was the founder of the Winston-Salem, 'Smith Reynolds Airport', as well as the charitable organization, The Z. Smith Reynolds Foundation. The late Zachary Smith Reynolds' tragic and historic life, was the basis for two movies, Reckless, starring Jean Harlow, and the popular 1950s classic, Written on the Wind.

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