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Photo-Shoot Information

Kathryn Reynolds is an award winning fashion, commercial and fine art photographer. She is a professional and expects professional talent. This means; be on time, and be prepared. When you come prepared Kathryn can get the most out of the shoot, and you will walk away with photos that will show you in your best light and put you ahead of the rest. You are going to have a great time at the shoot.

Introduction: Your Photo-shoot will consist of digital photographs. Allow for at least an hour of time per clothing change that you are doing. During the shoot Kathryn will change lighting and shooting areas to give you a variety of looks, she will shoot numerous pictures to give you that ‘special look’. After the shoot she will edit your shots to approximately 36 pictures, per look that you shoot. (Approximately 108 pictures for a three look shoot). Your disk containing these pictures will be sent to you no more than 2 weeks from the time of your shoot. These pictures are yours to do with as you please. You may reproduce these photos in any way you choose as long as it is for personal or modeling usage. 
Make-up: Kathryn only works with professional makeup artist. The makeup artist fee is included in the price of the model test. The makeup artist will change your hair and makeup after each look to make you look your absolute best. She/He will also be on set to help. 
Deposit:  You need to send a $100.00 Money Order to Kathryn Reynolds at time of booking your appointment. This $100.00 will count towards your photo shoot. If you need to change an appointment, this must be done at least 48 hours before the time of your photo shoot or you will forfeit your $100.00 deposit. Kathryn will gladly re-schedule your appointment if she is called previous to the 48 hour time period. 
This money order can be sent to:

Kathryn Reynolds   P.O. Box 148, Clemmons, NC 27012.
The remaining balance should be paid the day of the shoot in the form of cash or money order. 
What to bring:   Bring lots of clothes, however think 'outfits' NOT items.
Bring outfits that would represent styles such as: Causal, Sophisticated/Business, and lingerie or bathing suit. (something that would show shape and condition of your body). 
(You want to show versatility in your looks.) 
1) Jeans and jean jacket white shirt.
2) An outfit like you would see in a preppy ‘J Crew’ Catalog or ‘Abercrombie’ Add
3) Black shirt and black slacks, and black shirt. 
4) Business suit or ‘Church Attire’
5) Pretty Lingerie or bathing suit.
6) Shoes that work with these outfits
7) Accessories, Tennis Racket, Exercise Ball, Yoga Mat, Briefcase, etc.
8) Anything else your agency needs you to bring.
Directions to shoot:    The shoot will be located at Kathryn’s photo Studio. 
(Directions will be e-mailed at time of booking) 

After the shoot:   Your disk and contact sheets will arrive in 14 days after the shoot. It is your job to take those to your agency to have your agent look at those shots and make you a comp card. Kathryn does not produce any prints from your disk. You may take your disk anywhere to have prints made including places like Wal-Mart. 

We look forward to seeing you.
Kathryn Reynolds 
and crew


  • Model Test

The price for a four look model test is $500.
(This includes hair and makeup)

  • Acting Head-shots

A two look headshot is $150.00.
(This includes hair and makeup)

  • For a complete list of prices please call the office

Graphic Design & Photo Retouching